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Burst Out

Short documentary (25 minutes)

Beirut (2023)


Director: Zehra Eekhout

D.O.P.: Dunya Zita

Sound recording: Bassel Mousa

Main protagonists: Noura Badran, Jana Khoury & Sami 

What happens if the places we claimed as our own become inaccessible once again? How do these places live on in our memory?

After the heyday of the 17 October Revolution, three Lebanese artists enter the Egg, an abandoned brutalist building in downtown Beirut. The Egg is a former cinema, built in 1966, that has been closed nearly the entire time since its construction. Yet Lebanese people occupied the space during the 17 October Revolution in 2019 within months of protests against Lebanon’s degrading economic and political circumstances. In their own artistic rendering, the three artists seek to interpret their memories and feelings toward the Egg.

Dunya is an interdisciplinary creator who explores the intricate facets of human perception and connection through a documentary lens.

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