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Beyond Words

The limit of language and point where we meet (solo documentary, 11 minutes).

Utrecht & Casablanca (2023)

About the documentary
Spoken and written language is one of the most important means of communication, but how do you connect when a shared language is missing? I went to visit my family in Morocco to explore this topic and engaged in conversations with my close family members, both in Morocco and the Netherlands. The documentary is narrated with a poetic approach, bringing together anekdotes of family members, and thoughts and observations of my own.

Although I miss not speaking the language properly (and I’m now taking lessons to learn it), I’ve come to appreciate it as it sheds light on something that transcends the boundaries of words, creating space for a different way of connecting.

The documentary is part of the exhibition ‘Verankerd?!’ in the Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam, featuring a collection of 10 works of young makers about migration. The exhibition is open for visits from October 13th, 2023 until October 13th 2024.

Click here to see a preview of the documentary.
See stills of the documentary below.

Dunya is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the intricate facets of human perception and connection through a documentary lens.

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